Mystery Shopping
A customerís point of view of how your operational system works.

  • Identify problems in operations and customer interaction.
  • Create or reinforce existing customer service training programs.
  • Identify safety hazards from a customer perspective.

Instant Reporting Capabilities
ServiceCheck provides you with tools to generate report summaries.

  • Increased productivity/company efficiency with instant answers to customer service questions.
  • Bar and line graphs available.
  • Reports available online 24/7.

Quantitative Comparisons of locations and management
Comparison reports provide an objective measure of improvement/compliance with company training procedures.

  • Remove the subjectivity and guesswork from employee/manager reviews.
  • Potential for use in a legal setting.

Periodic Company Reviews
ServiceCheck shows you how your companyís customer service has improved over time.

  • Reviews include useful information such as new reporting options, and how to use the statistics generated through our report delivery system.

Competition Shopping
Shop your competition and gather information from a customerís perspective.

  • How does your company measure up to your competitors?
  • Identify competitionís missed opportunities that your company can benefit from.

Instant Surveys
ServiceCheck can survey current customers for up to date information about their last visit to your store.

  • Get feedback from average customers to reinforce training/operations.
  • Reinforce mystery shopping program.

Telephone Surveys
Often, a phone call is the first impression anyone gets of your business. ServiceCheck evaluates how it is so far, and how your phone service can improve.

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