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There are disreputable companies scamming shoppers. Some charge a fee for information on becoming a shopper. We do not and have never charged a shopper to affiliate with us. One of the latest and more serious we've heard about is a company sending out large advance cashier's checks. The shopper is told to send a MoneyGram or Western Union to a person in Canada, keeping part of the check for themselves. However, the check is not legitimate and bounces, leaving the shopper without any money to cover the MoneyGram. For more information, see

Unfortunately, these companies use various web addresses of reputable companies like ours in their ads. Be assured that these practices have nothing to do with our company and our only interaction with shoppers is to pay them for legitimate shops done for us. We have been in business for more than 16 years and are a charter member in good standing of the Mystery Shopping Provider's Association. You may check up on us with your local Better Business Bureau.

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