Company History


Kelly Kasper started his first business BEVINCO Consulting (Beverage Inventory Control), in January 1993. The company specialized in shrinkage controls for the hospitality industry. BEVINCO audited the sale and losses associated with liquor revenues. His company specialized in training hospitality managers, servers, and bartenders along with writing operational manuals.

Before long, his clients were requesting audits from the customer perspective, which lead to performing both customer service evaluations and integrity audits. By June 1993, BEVINCO had two divisions, performing internal audits and external customer service evaluations. In January 1994, the two divisions split and ServiceCheck was born. Immediate work was started on the new web-based Internet platform, the IQ Delivery system. ServiceCheck was the first 100% web-based mystery shopping company. At first, the number of shoppers that were online was challenging. As the Internet grew in popularity, so did ServiceCheck. In May of 1995, sales of ServiceCheck surpassed BEVINCO and the decision to move forward with one company was made. BEVINCO was sold in August 1994, so all efforts could be focused on ServiceCheck. ServiceCheck partnered with Princess Cruiselines in October of 1995. ServiceCheck sent shoppers, packed with a laptop, on cruise ships around the world. Over the next five years, ServiceCheck performed audits on ships in 65 countries. This account allowed ServiceCheck to develop tremendous internal systems to manage such large logistical projects.

ServiceCheck has grown over 20% every year since 1995. In 2003, ServiceCheck had performed 300,000 audits since the company’s humble beginnings. In 2004, ServiceCheck is set to complete nearly 80,000 audits in a variety of industries with diverse needs and a wide range of customers. Clients range from plant nurseries and grocery stores to themed water parks and movie theaters. Our focus on bringing tremendous value to our clients and their customers in conjunction with our innovative business practices will continue to fuel our growth into the future. ServiceCheck is proud to say that we have never lost a client to a competitor. At ServiceCheck, we put people first and deliver results to improve your team.

ServiceCheck’s primary mission is to consistently provide valuable results to our clients. As a result of that primary mission, ServiceCheck also strives to produce predictably excellent customer service at our client's establishments.

Service Check operates the most comprehensive customer service monitoring solution available, giving our customers the ability to evaluate their services through actual customer experiences. At a ServiceChecked location, the customer service is top-notch, every time.

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